"A zen space for you to relax, rejuvenate & reconnect with your mind, body & soul"


Healing Garden Bathhouse

Exclusive Outdoor Bathhouse

Mineral Spa - Steam Sauna - Ice Bath


Tuesday - Sunday

9am - 7pm

2 Hours Sessions

Only 6 People Per Soak Session

Bookings Are Essential



Soak Session

2 Hours – Mineral Spa – Steam Sauna – Ice Bath
Tues – Fri = $39.00 per person
Sat – Sun = $49.00 per person

Maximum – 6 Guest Per Soak Session

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Indulge in a 2 Hour soak session surrounded by lush gardens and featuring our Mineral Spa Bath, Steam Sauna, and invigorating Ice Bath. Experience pure relaxation with only six guests per session, ensuring a serene and personalized bathhouse experience.

Rehydration with complimentary Structured Water and herbal teas, perfect for revitalizing your body and soul. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate in a peaceful, intimate setting in the Tallebudgera Valley Gold Coast

Book your session today and discover the ultimate retreat!

What We Offer

Unique Bathhouse Experience:

Relax in lush tropical gardens with our Soak Sessions limited to only 6 guests per session.

Traditional Cedar Steam Sauna

Great for detoxing and promoting relaxation.

Invigorating Therapeutic Cold Bath

Refresh and rejuvenate your body with Contrast Water Therapy

Mineral Enriched Hydrotherapy Spa

Soak in the benefits of a salt water mineral spa enriched with magnesium and potassium, which aids in relaxing muscles.

Hydration Centre

Complimentary organic herbal teas and remineralised water are provided during your session

What To Bring

The Essentials

2 towels, your swimwear & a water bottle. Make sure to drink plenty of water prior to, during and after your session.

Protect the water quality

Please be free of cosmetics, body creams or fake tan.

When You Arrive

Check in at the bathhouse reception located in the office shed on the left side after walking up the pathway after parking

Device Free Zone

We encourage you to leave it your bag

Entry Conditions

The bathhouse is for guests 18 years subject to our terms and conditions. 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Cedar Steam Sauna

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with our Cedar Finnish Sauna service. Crafted from premium cedar wood, our sauna provides a tranquil and rejuvenating environment that promotes both physical and mental well-being. The natural aroma of cedar enhances the calming experience, while the traditional Finnish sauna design ensures optimal heat distribution. Whether you’re looking to detoxify, relieve stress, or simply unwind, our Cedar Finnish Sauna offers the perfect escape. Indulge in the soothing warmth and let the gentle heat revitalize your body and mind. Book your session today and discover the timeless benefits of a Finnish sauna.

Mineral Spa Bath

Immerse yourself in luxury with our Magnesium Spa Bath service. Featuring a specially formulated blend of magnesium salts, our spa bath provides a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. Magnesium is known for its numerous health benefits, including stress reduction, muscle relaxation, and improved sleep quality. Our spa bath offers the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day, while the soothing warmth envelops your body, melting away tension and promoting overall well-being. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence and experience the transformative effects of our Magnesium Spa Bath. Book your session today and embark on a journey to relaxation and renewal.

Ice Bath

Revitalize your senses with our invigorating Ice Bath service. Step into a refreshing oasis of icy water that stimulates circulation and promotes recovery. Perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a revitalizing experience, our Ice Bath offers a unique way to rejuvenate your body and mind. The shock of cold water triggers the release of endorphins, leaving you feeling energized and alert. Whether you’re looking to soothe sore muscles, reduce inflammation, or simply awaken your senses, our Ice Bath is the perfect solution. Embrace the chill and discover the rejuvenating benefits of this revitalizing experience. Book your session today and experience the power of the Ice Bath.

Hydration Centre

Relax After Your Soak Session

FREE Hydration With

Hi-Vibe Water & Herbal Teas

Rehydrating after using a sauna or spa is crucial for maintaining good health and ensuring your body functions properly. Both saunas and spas can cause increased sweating, which leads to fluid loss and potential dehydration. Here are the key reasons why rehydration is important after using a sauna or spa:

Venue Hire

2 x Beautiful Natural Setting

The natural surroundings create a tranquil ambiance that enhances the overall experience for guests, making events more memorable.

Exclusive Intimacy

With a capacity for 20 people, the area offers an intimate setting perfect for small gatherings, private parties, or exclusive events.

Customisable Layout

The open grassy space allows for flexible arrangements of seating, tables, and decorations to match the theme and style of any event.

Versatility of Use

The area can accommodate a variety of functions such as Yoga, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events & casual get-togethers.

Catering Available

We can arrange for an assortment of different food platters to be available for your guest to enjoy


Easy access to the area, via the car park or the facility

Bathhouse Blog

What People Are Saying


BALI on the Gold Coast.,!! Bathhouses can be noisy and full of people. This one is about wellbeing and health. Sure you can book a group of six and enjoy a noisy, but for many we seek serenity, soothing, luxury, kindness. These things that soften your soul from a harsh and busy world. This is a sanctuary for humans needing time out. John the owner explains the best way to use the facilities in line with what you need. This is pretty important so that your body gets the most out of the experience. I learnt so much today. I am grateful for spending two wonderful hours in the beautiful Balinese inspired gardens. Take the time to come here - please honour yourself to book in you wont be disappointed.

We spent an incredible afternoon/evening here. The owners John and Jess made us feel very comfortable and were very knowledgeable. In the evening all the lights turned on which was stunning! This place has so much attention to detail! Beautiful music, great explanation about the sauna and ice bath and their benefits. The evening we were there they even had a bond fire going which was one of my favourite parts! Managed to do a 5mins ice bath thanks to John’s amazing guidance! Walked out feeling proud and rejuvenated! Will definitely go again!

Me and my partner have been to healing garden bathhouse twice now because we loved our first experience so much. John and Jessica don’t only show a welcoming, positive attitude towards their guests, but they also show care and knowledge about why the bathhouse soak is beneficial. It’s really opened up our eyes and we will be sure to come back as frequent as we can. Thankyou again for the most relaxing experience we have ever had💛

Paige 1234

Highly recommend Healing Garden Retreat, such a wonderful experience,will definitely come back.

My partner and I were both feeling under the weather and wanted to book in a spa day to help relax us. We arrived and were greeted warmly by John. The spa was situated in a picturesque Balinese style garden. He explained in depth the benefits of the cold and hot therapy of the ice bath and sauna which was a wonderful addition to the spa itself and felt more personal and genuine. Jessica guided us beautifully through the ice bath session. We also spontaneously booked a sound healing afterwards with Jessica which was absolutely fantastic. We both feel very energised and the whole experience was absolutely serene and memorable. It was a surprise as we had no expectations. Thanks to John & Jess for creating such a peaceful and welcoming space.

pithaon N

The guidance by the informed hosts helped jumpstart my meditative bathhouse journey. Challenge yourself to visit!!

Raquel Rosa

We had such a great time. John and Jessie were lovely. They guided us during our experience at the bathhouse. It was our first time doing an iced bath and John was very supportive. The place is amazing, I wish I could stay there forever. The sauna, the baths, marshmallows by the fire. We’ll definitely be back. Thanks john and Jessie!

Bern Lawson

With two nights gifted to me for Mother’s Day I had THE MOST relaxing & rejuvenating time being taken care of by John & Jess. If John’s knowledge & coaching on the bathhouse protocol wasn’t enough, Jess’s sound bath took the experience to the next level. Every care & detail thought of, I cannot recommend this gorgeous little place enough! I will be back for sure 👍

Thank you so much John and Jess!!! not only for the amazing facility that you created here (which is a genuine healing resort!!!) , but also for your generosity! Thank you John for taking your time to explain in details, this amazing healing process that you have created and guided, with a lot of love and passion! Breakfast was super yummy, healthy and nourishing - thank you Jess for putting your love in our food.

Hayley Hanna

What an experience! My husband and I had such an amazing time. John and Jessica were so accommodating and made sure we were both well looked after. We stayed in the ubud villa. Bed was so comfy and the guided healing session with sauna, ice bath and hot spa rejuvenated our tired bodies. If you love bath houses you will definitely love this experience, highly recommend and we will be coming back

Jarrod Hall

The lush garden surroundings add to the tranquility. It’s a perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Highly recommended!

We had a beautiful experience at the bathhouse for my friends birthday, such as a tranquil place, made even better by the lovely hospitality of the hosts John and Jess, and nothing beats a evening under the stars by a open fire. ⭐️🔥

Second time I have visited John and Jessica’s healing garden retreat. This place is an absolute slice of heaven, very tranquil, intimate and relaxing. With a magnesium spa, essential oil sauna and ice bath this retreat has everything you need. The garden setting makes this by far the most beautiful bathhouse getaway around and having John and Jessica around to chat to makes it a beautiful uplifting wholesome experience all round. Thanks heaps for creating this space guys ☺️

Sarah Rus

I only went for a short sauna and spa session and didn’t stay in the accommodation. I was able to use the bathroom though and the cabin looked lush! John greeted my three friends and I with a lovely, positive energy, and for the next hour or so my friend and I enjoyed the spa, sauna and had a dip or two in the ice bath. Such a beautiful, peaceful place to hang with friends. Really calming. I’ve never been to Bali but I think this seemed just as exotic! I’ll be back!

Ina Reinhard

This hidden gem in the Tallebudgera Valley is a must do if you are after a unique experience. The traditional sauna combined with the ice bath is exactly what you need to relax and rewind. John and Jessica are amazing hosts. They do everything to make you feel like home and love sharing their space with their visitors. The recently installed fireplace is the perfect addition for winter and a great place to get to know them more and share stories. The location is conveniently close to Burleigh and still far away enough to be a quiet place to just be. Thank you for having us stay and look after us like you did. We will come back for sure

Such a beautiful experience I had with my partner here. They are the best hosts. Thank you for such a nice time, we’ll be back!

Absolutely stunning lil private sanctuary in the middle of Talle Valley, with Balinese vibes, surrounded by nature, so beautiful and clean!

Aparna Lad

I’ve been a frequent visitor to the stunning Bali-style Bath House and it’s wonderful facilities for a year now. It’s my ideal bath house experience because it’s so intimate and peaceful, reasonably priced and I love that you they allow up to 2 hours stay cos most bathhouses only allow 1 hour max and I find that’s never quite enough time. It’s extra special being at a bathhouse with exquisite gardens and undercover areas that have all been built by hand by the owners, John and Jess. The two are a delightful hard-working couple creating their dream business on their magical property and are always willing to listen, be flexible and really care for their guests. No ask seems to ever be too much for John. I feel good supporting their beautiful private bathhouse business over any other bathhouses in the Gold Coast, they deserve it! Thanks so much

Jessica and John were very welcoming with such warm hearts. We felt safe and educated with what they have to offer and how the healing process works. It was an intimate experience and very memorable as it’s not your typical commercial bathhouse. It was peaceful, relaxing and refreshing for our body and mind. We can’t wait to return.

What a little piece of Paradise John & Jess have created! A lush private sanctuary of therapeutic goodness, and romantic Bali-esque eco-retreat vibes. Went for a bathhouse experience with some girlfriends and John made us feel so welcomed, with expert instructions on how to best utilise the facilities for therapeutic purposes...or just unwind & soak it all in. Designed especially for privacy with only intimate groups allowed, this is the perfect place for a private, romantic getaway or getting together with a group of friends for a special occasion...or any occasion really! Can't wait to visit again soon. Do yourself a favour and take advantage of this newly opened hidden gem as it definitely won't stay hidden for long!

linda june

Can’t recommend it more, I am already planning my next stay! John and Jessica put so much effort in this beautiful garden& spa, I feel the good energy inside and completely cut off from my day to day worries once I step into this place. The sauna&ice bath experience is magical! Thank you John and Jessica for hosting us and giving us this special experience❤️

ita faith

I had a wonderful experience at this magical place. The spa experience was incredible and indeed very Bali like. John and Jess are very warm, welcoming and hearty hosts! Highly experience Recommended!

From the moment we walked in we were greeted with the most genuine welcoming from John and Jess. It really made the start of our stay amazing which we felt all the way throughout. The ice bath, sauna and, spa speak for themselves, however, the photos of the retreat do not do it justice. When we arrived we felt it was much more amazing than we sore in pictures. This place is very special with amazing energy. We will be coming back. If you are wanting private time throughout your stay Check what other day bookings they are booking in while you are there.

We had a great morning here at the soak house with John. Such a lovely setting and left feeling rejuvenated!!! Thank you so much John. Will be recommending to all my friends!

River Satya

John was a wonderful host, and the spa was perfect! Would gladly return.

If i could give this place and the service/hospitality a 20/10 i would. I decided to take myself away for a spontaneous little solo trip from Melbourne for a few nights and i was not expecting to be this pleasantly surprised. The facilities and services provided are fantastic. Ice bath, magnesium spa, sauna, massage, reiki and sound healing. Definitely felt like i was in Bali but somehow much better? If you book to stay in a villa you receive a beautiful breakfast every morning which made my mornings less stressful and gave me more time to relax or read a book rather than go out and find somewhere to eat. John and Jessica go above and beyond for their guests and really do everything they can to ensure you have the most amazing stay and you are comfortable. I am so glad i came and even happier i met John and Jessica. You will not regret staying here. Thanks for an unforgettable stay. I will be back before you know it

Photos don’t do this place justice! Jessica and John were very accommodating and helpful in ensuring our stay was as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Highly recommend visiting for a tranquil weekend getaway!

The retreat really is an amazing, beautiful place. The hosts enhance your experience ten fold. If you are looking for an escape from your busy life to be out in nature whilst enjoying high end recovery therapies, this is the place for you. Thanks John and Jessica ❤️

Best hospitality I have ever had! Really special place! I have nothing I would alter if I were them! I even offered them more money but they didn't accept haha. Highly recommend and would definitely love to see these beautiful people again. Only regret is not staying longer!

Such a beautiful space! If you are looking for a relaxing stay or soak session this is the place <3 Very tranquil and amazing hosts

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